Project Goal


Create an intuitive and easy-to-use course management and degree tracking system that reflects RIT’s innovative spirit and cutting-edge image by incorporating simplistic design, efficiency and responsiveness across all platforms.





The new RIT Student Information System needs better organization, navigation & visual hierarchy; simpler,  more intuitive design; access to support and other RIT sites.


use case

Dropping a class

Content flow




Initial Design

Final designs


I reworked my previous design by simplifying the color scheme and using only one accent color, changing the right side navigation to a top navigation and incorporating more white space into the design. The result is an easy to navigate information system that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.




The new SIS system is simpler, more intuitive and better organized, making for a more efficient and pleasurable experience for students and faculty at RIT. The simple navigation structure makes it possible to quickly find what you need.

Easy access to outside sources like news, advisor/professor emails, and SIS support put all the necessary resources in one place so users don’t have to look hard to find what they need.