Project Goal


Create a smart home system that integrates all home functions (temperature control, security, appliance control, ect.) into a single device so users have complete control of their home whether they're on the go or in the house.




Mi Casa is a fully integrated smart home system. The main wall unit acts as the central hub for all home functions.  From comfort to security, Mi Casa creates a seamless user experience that allows for total home control and customization. Controls are accessed on an in-home wall controller or on a tablet/mobile device when you’re away.


Design Trends



Concept home systems use hand gestures to flip through menu options and select options. However, most are only product concepts and very few are actually fully developed and functional. 


Voice activation

Many home systems utilize voice commands and make changes based on verbal orders from the user.



Text is limited and images/icons and visuals play a key role in getting information across to the user quickly. Colors are very simple and the type is clean. 


Core Features


main menu

Temperature controls,  maintenance, entertainment, outlet controls, security, and lighting control menu options. All of your home systems are now in one easy to access central location.



Most important feature of the Mi Casa device.... users can control electrical
outlets and turn off / set appliances. 


mi casa mobile app

Mobile app lets users interact with the Mi Casa interface while they’re away. Users can control electrical outlets and turn off appliances using the mobile application.



environment inspiration

design inspiration

Final Designs