Project Goal


Create a stylized UI for the pause screen of a game on a mobile device. Develop a theme for the game and make the pause screen reflect that overall theme. The design must include basic game UI elements like pause, restart, quit and settings. 




initial design


For the initial design, I created a sea-themed background with water and a pirate ship. I was inspired by visuals I found of ship sails and flags, so I created a black pirate flag to house the menu options. 

I created the pirate penguin character and refined the design until I got this cute little guy with a peg leg and pirate sword.

Final Design


During an in-class critique, I got feedback that made me rethink the quality and detail of the design. The initial design was safe and kind of boring, and attention to detail was lacking. 

I started refining the design by creating the custom wood textured type. I then refined the flag to make it look worn and tattered, and the wood beam and rope to make them more polished and detailed. I then refined and simplified the background.

I created this project during my sophomore Interactive II class. It was the first time I really received harsh critique and feedback about a project, and it pushed me to keep iterating and refining the design until it was perfect. I'm extremely proud of this project and it was one of the most valuable learning experiences I've had at RIT.